Frequently Asked Questions

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On this page we provide useful information on our language courses. To help you find answers to your questions as quickly and easily as possible.
Registration and course dates are posted on Calender page of the ALC website.

For students age 7 to 14, the fees for one term are 900 Dh and for the whole year 2250 Dh. For students age 15 and older, the fees are 950 Dh for one term and 2400 Dh for the year.

Fees may go up in the fall of 2018, so check the website before you come to register.

If you are a new student, you will pay a 50 Dh registration fee and a 50 Dh placement test fee.

All of the ALC teachers are very qualified. It’s just not possible for students to choose a particular teacher.
First, the administration will check to see if there is a seat available at the time you want. Then, if classes haven’t started, we can change your time. If classes have already started, you will have to pay a 50 Dh fee.
No. But we will be happy to give you an attestation.
The TOEFL is a test of English that is required by many universities. The TOEFL is not a certificate. For more information, go to our TOEFL page.
If you register for the year, you have three advantages. First, you have a discount. Second, you can keep the same time for the year. Third, registration for the second and third terms is automatic. You don’t have to come back to re-register unless you want to change times.