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The ALC Meknes offers a variety of high-quality English programs for degree-seeking students, TOEFL Preparation, Bac Preparation, Teacher Training, Business English, Conversation and Private Lessons.
TOEFL Preparation

Three term course that will help you prepare for the TOEFL exam. TOEFL prep students must be at least Intermediate 6. www.ets.org

Bac Preparation

Bac Prep starts in the Fall term. The teachers are very experienced in teaching for the BAC. BAC Prep students must be at least Beginning 5.

Teacher Training

Teacher Training covers two terms. In the first term, participants have training in the basics of teaching English and observe ALC classes to see the ideas in action.

In the second term, each participant is assigned to an experienced ALC teacher and a class. The participant works with the class from the first day of the term to the very end. He or she teaches about 50% of the class with the help of the ALC supervising teacher.

Business English

This class is designed for business people. It teaches business vocabulary, business writing, and business skills in English.


This class focuses on conversation in English. There are classes for both beginners and intermediate students. The class meets either in the morning or in the afternoon.

Private Lessons

The center can arrange private lessons. Please contact us for details.

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