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The ALC offers many activities to its students:
The ALC Club A club for students and their teachers.
Song Club Learn English through songs and hits.
Public Speaking Improve your public speaking skills and participate in the Annual Public Speaking Competition.
Conversation Improve your speaking and listening in a relaxing atmosphere.
Grammar Clinic You need help in Grammar; this is the best club for you.
Community Service Participate in social activities to help Meknes community.
Art Club Can you draw or paint? Learn new techniques at the Art Club.
Drama Club Practice your English and become an Actor/Actress.
Recreation Club a club that includes motivating activities, like role plays, where students can act out their learned language in different situations.
American Idioms Club Come learn American Idiomatic expressions in their cultural context.
Reading/Writing Club Students become better readers and writers and use reading/ writing to boost students’ personal development.
Soccer Club Students have fun playing soccer and working out their bodies.
Joha Club A club for students to have fun, improve their speaking/ writing and enrich their vocabulary repositories.
Phonology Club students can brush on their English pronunciation and kindle their desire for more knowledge about natural, historical development of the English language.
Academic English Club Students learn aspect of Academic and Professional English.
Homework Club A club to help students of low levels do their homework and improve their language skills.
L'ALC Stars Participate in the ALC student magazine. ALC Stars Magazine is now online! alcstarsmagazine.weebly.com
Teens Clubs SATURDAY @ 11.40
Teens Clubs SUNDAY @ 11.40

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September Intensive 2017 September Intensive-Registration
begins July 9th until July 27th and September 11th

2017 Fall Session Registration begins September 11th until October 7th Classes
begin October 6th and end December 16th